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"2018 Special Safety Meeting" Of China COSCO Shipping Ports Held in Shishi
Author:Xia Min    Time:2018/3/7 11:28:58    View:1077
In order to implement the gist of group safety meeting in the beginning of 2018 and successfully achieved the planned safety indexes in 2018, administrative departments of China COSCO Shipping Ports (Abbr. CSP) held "2018 Special Safety Meeting" in Shishi,  in which these people attended including Mr. Zhang Wei, vice president and director of Board of Directors of CSP and G.M. of CSP, Mr. Zeng Xiaomin, vice G.M. of CSP, principals from Safety Management Departments, holding ports and units with juridical personality.
In the meeting, Mr. Zhang proclaimed and explained the document 2018 Important Safety Plan, importantly arranging 2018 safety works.  In accordance with the realities in all units, principals deeply analyzed problems, difficulties and methods in current works, carefully exchanging the good experience and methods each other.
The meeting stressed that in 2018, we must, under the guidance of the documents View to Press ahead with Reform and Development in the Safety and Production issued by the State Council of the CPC and the entire idea of group "The Adherence of an Objection, the Enhancement of Two Guidances and the Implementation of Six Keys", delve into and fulfil the substances of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, practicing ten crucial works with the purpose of permanent stability in safety and production including "Responsibility Implementation, System Construction, Team Management, Hidden Trouble Inspection, Safety Education, Inion Support, Traffic, Seasonal Works, Emergent Exercise, Oversea Management".

Mr. Zhang put forward some requirements for current safety: firstly, enhancement of responsibility so as to make sure of permanent stability in safety; secondly, careful organization and fulfilment of preventing measures; thirdly, underpinning of hidden trouble inspecion so as to rectify hidden troubles; forthly, emphasis of key steps so as to fortify safety management; fifthly, insistence of problem oreietation and the improvement of accident-preventing measures; sixthly, reinforcement on duty so as to promote emergent management.
Mr. Zhang emphasized that responsibilities of safety are momentous and its missions are arduous.  Principals of each units must clearly know current safety and production and really put relevant works on more important place; practicing safety with reverence, reinforcing base with highly-responsible spirit, practical styles and effective measures, and fully making sure of safety so as to keep the continuous stability in safety of CSP.
At last, Mr Zhang and principals from holding company in China including QPCT signed documents 2018 Liability Letter of Safety and Production.
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