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QPCT Held 2017 Annual Meeting
Author:Gao Zhongzang    Time:2018/2/22 10:17:05    View:1118
On January 30th, 2018, QPCT held 2017 Annual Management Meeting and Commending Meeting.There were more than 100 people attended the meeting including G.M. Zhang Junsheng, Secretary of Party Committee Li Jie, managers with and beyond the level of vice director of the 2nd level departments, and advanced staffs.  The meeting was hosted by Secretary Li Jie.
In the meeting, G.M. zhang Junsheng addressed all attenders the work report named QPCT 2017 Work Summary and 2018 Work Plan.  In the addressing, G.M. Zhang Junsheng reported the actual implementation of planned indexes and organized various fields of work such as safety, operation, management and engineering, confirming the achievements and pointing out the weaknesses. Meanwhile, he required that all staffs would coherently and actively overcome all difficulties for full completion of planned indexes made by the Board of Director.  At last, he, on the behalf of management team of company, extended new year blessing to all staffs, wishing all people and their families will be happy and healthy in new year.
Afterwards, secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission Gong Jiandong, as a representative of the management team, declared the file about The Decision of Commending Advanced Staffs.  G.M. Zhang Junsheng, Secretary Li Jie and other high-level managers awarded certificates and monies to advanced staffs, encouraging that they would cherish honors and make unremitting efforts for port constructions.
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