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QPCT Conducted the Activity of Extending the Regards to the Needy
Author:Liu Shuyun    Time:2018/2/13 11:05:03    View:1122
On January 23th, 2018, G.M. Zhang Junsheng, attended by Mr. Gao Zhongzhang, vice chairman of Trade Union, and other related people, extended the regards to the needy, sending them monies and gifts.
In the houses of the needy, G.M. Zhang Junsheng carefully acquainted them with livings and bodies, encouraging them to set up confidences and optimistically live. Meanwhile, he required that related people must, for the benefit that the needy can live through a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, adhere to putting their hearts into demands of the needy, asking, caring for and resolving difficulties of the needy. 
Company always concentrate on livings and jobs of the needy, putting the resolution of problems in the first priority.  Before this activity, Trade Union specified the needy and aid standards with familiarizing with their basic situations, reasons and levels of poverty, and current living. Simultaneously, it, improving archives of the needy,ensured that Party Committee, Director of Board and itself extended the regards to the needy in order to make the needy feel deeply the friendship of QPCT. Hence, the needy sincerely expressed their gratitude for concerns from company, claiming that they will honestly and solidly complete works in return of concerns from company in 2018.
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