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QPCT Party Committee Held the Meeting of Democratic Life
Author:Gao Zhongzhang    Time:2018/2/5 11:06:03    View:1211
At January 19th, afternoon, all members of the Party Committee of QPCT of the CPC joined the meeting of democratic life in the meeting room on the 2nd floor. Comrade Li Jie, secretary of the Party Committee, hosted the meeting, comrade Fang Meng, secretary of the Party Committee of China COSCO Shipping Ports, comrade Liu Bin, director of the Party Committee of transportation group under Quanzhou of the CPC, and other three related persons were presented at the meeting.
In the meeting, secretary Li Jie, by the name of the Party Committee, according to the requirements of the notice of China COSCO Shipping Ports, conscientiously learned comrade Xi Jinping's socialism ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly protected the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized and unified leadership whose core of leadership is comrade Xi Jinping, and implemented all essences of decisions of the 19th National Congress of the CPC. Meanwhile, comrade Li, on the basis of six aspects of works, deeply analyzed the mistakes and weaknesses in the leading team. Afterwards, secretary Li Jie and deputy secretary Zhang Junsheng seriously carried out the self-criticism of their mistakes and weaknesses firstly. So did other members. All members with the fairness put forward the specific criticisms in public, frankly pointing out their mistakes and weaknesses. Every member expressed that they must have accepted and corrected comrades' criticisms conscientiously.
At last, secretary Fang Meng and director Liu Bin addressed all members respectively, affirming the meeting quantity and claiming that a little severe criticisms were beneficial to our works. They also required that the Party Committee will, adhering to the operation and management, strictly implement main responsibilities of Party building, enhance the learning of theory in the leading group, improve the records of Party building, fulfill the education of honest practice and mass work and build the Party branch with "Five Virtues".
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