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QPCT and JPPDC Held the "Table-Tennis Friendship Game"
Author:Xue Xiaohai    Time:2017/10/30 11:44:52    View:1942
On October 19th, QPCT and JPPDC jointly held the "Staffs' Table-Tennis Friendship Game of Welcoming the 19th National Congress of CPC" in staffs' Activity center in Shihu port.  Eight teams, the total of 36 players from Shihu port, Weitou port and Shenhu port, took part in the game. 
The game was with the goal of cultivating staffs' good style including activity, striving and cooperation and with the purpose of welcoming the 19th National Congress of CPC with strong spirit and excellent achievement.  In team events, players unitedly and coordinatedly showed the outstanding competitiveness and the good sport qualities.  After the intense four round competition within four hours, players won the various prize respectively. 
It provided a showing stage for all table-tennis fans, which had an active enhancement for activity of staffs' leisure culture, strengthening of body quality, promotion of enterprise culture and cultivation of collaborative, industrious and striving spirit. In the meantime, it strongly enhanced staffs' cohesiveness.
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