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Within the many years of arduous development, COSCO Quanzhou Pacific Port Co. (QPPC) gradually cultivated the corporate culture system which is characteristic of passion by inheriting COSCO enterprise spirit about "realistic and innovative to strengthen the country", extracting COSCO Pacific cultural essence about “win” and integrating the local culture in Minnan with the culture of maritime silk route.
1.Enterprise Spirit: Passion, Innovation, Integrity, win-win
2.Enterprise Prospect: Creating the first-world-class port to revitalize the ancient port
3.Enterprise Mission: To inject vitality into the development of “Haixi” and to create value for shareholders and employees
4.Enterprise core value: Honest to form general principles, cooperating for developing, professional to be excellent, accommodating to be harmonious
5.Enterprise staff code of conduct: Excellent work, diligent learning, friendly live together, polite conduct
6.Enterprise working concept: Conceiving every way for success, not to find excurses for failure
7.Enterprise developing concept: Striding passionately to dream
8.Enterprise secure concept: Regarding hidden dangers as accidents, changing security into effectiveness
9.Enterprise service concept: Customer first and service first
10.Enterprise talent concept: Using talent relying on capacities, growing up together and sharing successes
11.Enterprise concept of harmony: QPPC is employees’ family related to everybody
12.Enterprise concept of health: Stick to exercise for an hour, working happily for a day, living happily for a life
13.Enterprise Webchat: Public Webchat account is COSCO QPPC Constructing inion platform for focusing on port inion Exceeding the dream for creating beautiful future together
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