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In August 28th, 2006, China COSCO Shipping Ports (Viz. COSCO Pacific (H.K.) under the China COSCO Shipping) and Quanzhou Harbour Group had established a joint venture which was named Quanzhou Pacific Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (Short for QPCT), total capital reached 1,800 million RMB, China COSCO Shipping Ports holding 82.35% of the shares and Quanzhou Harbour Group holding 17.65% of the shares.
Shihu Port,the first-level national port with maximum water depth of -15.1 meters, possesses five berths whose hydro structures are 3,000 tons, 10,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 50,000 tons and 50,000 tons respectively. Its total land area of yard is 730,000 square meters and area of yard under custom’s supervision outside the port is 200,000 square meters. The main machinery include 12 sets of Container Bridge Crane, some of which are Double-box-hoisting Container Crane with maximum handling capacity of 65 tons and 55M Length-extending Beam that is able to support the anchoring and handling of Panama level container ship and above, 5 sets of Door Machines with maximum handling capacity of 60 tons and maximum operating rang of 35 M, 30 sets of RTG and other 137 sets of equipment. No. 5 berth and No.6 berth in Shihu port began constructing in August, 2017. With the completion of engineering, the total length of berths will be 2,200M. At that time, the annual capacity of handling container will be over 3 million TEUs.
QPCT is primarily running container business, partly running bulk cargo of mainly stone business (including bonded warehousing business). At present, domestic and foreign well-known container lines companies has already ran more than 20 domestic container routes in Shihu port which links domestic major ports, foreign trade container lines also increasing and densing. In 2017, throughput of container reached 1.38 million TEUs, increasing 6% over 2016, and the total weight of bulk cargo reached 3.13 million tons in which the total weight of stone reached 2.79 million tons, increasing 24% and 33% over 2016 respectively. Shihu port has become the central port of domestic container in Quanzhou and the largest stone trading market in Southeast Asia.
Since 2006, fully implementing the strategy of "Five Quanzhou" put forward by Quanzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, QPCT gained many honors as follows: “Top 5 China Domestic Container Terminals”,“Fujian Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise”, “Quanzhou Advanced Enterprise of Legal Labor Management”,“Quanzhou Harmonious Enterprise”,“Quanzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization”,“Fujian Advanced Port Operation Enterprise”,“COSCO Civilized Window Unit”,“The Grand Prize in Exhibition of Achievement of National Team Building and Management Competition” and “Top 10 Units of National Enterprise Image Management”. Meanwhile, company and has been serving as the director of Domestic Container Development Committee of China Port Association in two years in succession.
Under the strong support of all level government and the correct leadership of board of directors, QPCT, relying on advanced regional economy, transportation system and the beneficial policy of construction of “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, bearing business idea of "Customer First, Service First", will make unremitting efforts permanently contributes to the modern automatic port by fully taking advantage of rich deep water shoreline resources in Quanzhou, introducing modern management technologies, management models and shipping resources, ensuring growing steadily throughput of domestic container, strongly developing international container business and running international container lines.
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